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Children's Ministry

Proverbs 22:6

The purpose of the children's ministry is to teach and equip all the children in our Church with the Word of God, and to train them to become good soldiers of Jesus Christ for the next generation.

Our church strives to avoid a new generation that does not know of the work of God, so we work hard to equip our children with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Every Sunday, our children learn about God, from gifted and knowledgeable Sunday School Teachers. In these sessions, the children are taught to fear God, obey their parents, and believe in the work of Jesus Christ to be saved.

Our long-term plan for this ministry is to pass the torch of the Gospel to our children, train more Sunday School teachers, train parents on how to teach their children the Word of God, prepare daily readings weekly or monthly, encourage children to take part in the Sunday church service, and prepare children to take over the church and be responsible for the next generation.

Sunday school
Hope to see you there!
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